Saturday, October 8, 2011

Trials and Tribulations

Things have been so crazy lately, it's hard to make time to blog. Mike and I have had so much to think about these past few months and it feels like there are so many directions our life could go. For those of you who don't know, after we had Emily, Mike decided to take a few semesters off from school so that I could focus on graduating and getting a job. If I didn't get the job I have now we were seriously considering moving up north for Mike to finish up school and for me to hopefully find a job in the O'Fallon, Illinois area. Since I got a good job with the state we decided to stay in Oklahoma. Now we are facing some obstacles. My job is so stressful and time consuming sometimes I barely even get to see Emily. I love how rewarding my job is but at what point is too much? Mike and I have been discussing joining the military, quitting and moving up north, staying in Oklahoma and me getting a new job, or just staying how we are and have Mike go back to school and decide later. Every time we are faced with these tough decisions I am constantly wondering what the right choice is. My year with DHS is this march so I am hoping on staying with DHS until then and then maybe getting another job with the state that isn't so stressful and time consuming because I would like to actually come home and not be exhausted, or completely stressed out. It's so hard to leave work at work when your work is Child Welfare.

Anyway that's just a little bit about what has been going on in our lives recently. Now for an update on Emily:

Emily is 14 months old... almost 15 months. Our little girl is growing up soo fast. She's so incredibly smart and she surprises us every day. Here is a run down on some of the new things;
* 2 teeth: that's right... emily now has 2 bottom teeth!
* table food: With her two new teeth she hardly eats pureed food anymore... she eats what we eat now, which helps us eat healthy too!
* words words words: emily talks and talks! She has learned so many new words: she says thank you, eat, drink, hi, yeah (we can't get her to say yes or no!), uh oh, puppy.
*Mommy, Daddy, Emily: if you ask her "where's mommy/daddy?" she'll point to either me or mike and if you ask her 'where's emily?" she will point to herself!
*body parts: emily knows and points to her toes, belly button, nose, eyes, lips, teeth and ears when prompted.
*avid reader: our little girl still loves books which isn't anything new... she's always loved to read but she now has favorite books that she loves for us to read to her over and over and she is constantly bringing us books to read to her.
*running/climbing: emily is into everything.... and she has learned to run and climbs over, under and on top of anything she can.
*lets get dressed: emily knows what "getting dressed" is and she will bring me or mike clothes or an outfit from her room that she wants to put on.

I know I'm forgetting stuff... but these are some of the big new things that emily is doing.

There will be a birthday post soon... I know some people have asked me about that and I'm sorry it's taken me three months to get it posted!

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